DISC Personality Test

DISC personality tests are widely used by human resource professionals for pre-employment assessment, employee development, leadership development, management development, teambuilding, employee conflict resolution and personal coaching.

Sales executives use DISC sales tests to assess an applicant's or incumbent's DISC sales behavior style ("behaviour style" in Canada). Therapists often use DISC assessments with their clients, and members of the clergy frequently include the assessments in premarital and other pastoral counseling.

DISC personality tests are also known as DISC assessments, DISC behavior styles, DISC styles analysis, DISC behavior assessments, DISC personality profiles, DISC behavior profiles and similar names that describe four styles of human behaviors. We will use assessment, personality, style, and behavior interchangeably.

DISC personality tests or, more appropriately DISC behavior assessments, are predominantly administered online although traditional paper response forms are available. Results are electronically processed and returned to the respondent or assessment administrator immediately after the response form is completed and submitted. Multilingual translations are available in Spanish and French.

We are DISC personality test consultants. We train and advise our clients how to use DISC for personal, team and organizational applications. We also assist our clients with interpretation of completed reports. Our clients can purchase passwords from us to administer assessments internally or ask us to administer assessments electronically for them.

We offer complimentary DISC personality tests to qualified individuals who are considering using our assessments in their organizations (U.S. or Canada only). A person requesting a complimentary assessment must provide a business, government or educational institution email address and URL for their organizations. Click "Try It Free" for further information.

Note: Results of DISC personality tests (or any other interchangeable name)  provide information about a person at a specific point in time. Results should not, in our opinion, be considered speculatively or definitively predictive of a respondent's behaviors without the guidance of qualified legal or mental health professionals nor should attempts be made to assess respondents on the basis of "pass/fail" or "better than/worse than" scales.  One publisher has reported their own reliability and validity data in  The Universal Language DISC  available through Amazon.com.

DISC results should not be used as the sole devices to make decisions about hiring or promoting individuals. No evidence exists to confirm that assessment results are perfect matches for specific jobs, nor is there evidence to accurately predict potential failure or success in specific jobs.